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August/September Book of the Month

Introducing "The Hidden Wound" by Wendell Berry:

Embark on a deep exploration of America's racial history with "The Hidden Wound" by Wendell Berry. Through his thoughtful words, Berry uncovers the hidden impacts of racism, digging into its origins and revealing how it affects both those who oppress and those who are oppressed. Berry's personal journey encourages us to face our shared past, inviting us to understand more deeply and find healing.

Praised as "one of the most humane, honest, liberating works of our time" (The Village Voice), "The Hidden Wound" is a book-length essay that addresses the lasting effects of racism on our nation's identity. Berry's experiences shed light on how staying passive in the face of racism's struggles weakens America's potential. With a calm and careful eye, Berry offers a message of hope, striving for the healing of this historical wound. Pulitzer prize-winning author Larry McMurtry praises this work as "profound, passionate, and crucial," a reflection that resonates with readers, touching on intricate and beautiful insights that evoke strength amidst sorrow.


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