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Stream a Selection of Films by and about Indigenous and First peoples of North America

In observance of National Native American Heritage Month, we invite you to stream a selection of films by and about Indigenous and First peoples of North America. These films have been selected to represent a mix of traditional and contemporary issues and perspectives on Native American life and culture. 

All titles are available to stream for free until December 1st, 2020.

6 GENERATIONS Paul Goldsmith, ASC color, 57 min, 2011 BEING INNU Catherine Mullins color, 76 min, 2007 BEYOND RECOGNITION Michelle Grace Steinberg, Robyn Bykofsky color, 25 min, 2014 BOX OF TREASURES Chuck Olin color, 28 min, 1983

CARIBOU KAYAK Michael Mitchell color, 49 min, 2005 CRYING EARTH RISE UP Suree Towfighnia color, 57 min, 2015 THE DRUMS OF WINTER Sarah Elder, Leonard Kamerling color, 90 min, 1988 FOR OUR STREET FAMILY Jennifer Wolowic color, 34 min, 2008

NUHONIYEH (OUR STORY) Mary Code and Allen Code color, 55 min, 1993 OYATE Dan Girmus color, 72 min, 2019 SMOKIN’ FISH Luke Griswold-Tergis, Cory Mann color, 80 min, 2011 SWEETHEART DANCERS Ben-Alex Dupris

color, 13 min, 2019

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