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On Point Exclusive: What is White Privilege and How does it affect our health?

Juandolyn Stokes of On Point with Juandolyn Stokes and Executive Director of The Abasalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Jones Dr. Catherine Meeks discuss White Priviledge and its affects on our health.

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This week Juandolyn Stokes and Dr. Catherine Meeks discuss White Priviledge and the trickle down affect it has on our health and community. Meeks shares with Stokes that White Priviledge does exist and is rooted in white supremacy. She shares with Stokes that Trump did not create white priviledge, just that he ripped the band aid off for the world to see.

Meeks tells Stokes that historically speaking white skin is behind the priviledge class and that it was designed this way. She goes on to say that white priviledge offers opportunities, advancements and considerations that are not offered to people of color.

She continues by telling Stokes that it affects so many areas of our lives and community, including voting rights, safety such as the January 6 riot and healthcare. Meeks goves further to explain how white priviledge in healthcare is a huge problem. She talks about issues like micro-aggression in healthcare, racisim in healthcare, mental health, women and children.

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