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Diocese of New Westminster, Vancouver, BC. Canada

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David Price

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Offers an annual series of anti-racism workshops-recently renamed as Dismantling Racism Workshops across the diocese. Archbishop Skelton is very supportive. The workshops are mandatory every five years for all clergy who wish to hold a license in the diocese. Lay leaders of parishes must also attend. Goal is to have all members of congregations exposed at least once to this free workshop.

There is an annual pilgrimage to a site of a closed residential school in Mission, BC where indigenous children were subjected to church sponsored cultural genocide.

Wrongs to Rights workshop parish based serious where First Nations Peoples and Settler People ( white colonialist children and grandchildren) meet and work at reconciliation and understanding.

Future Challenges:- developing advanced work for people who have received the basic workshops as clergy and laity must re-certify every five years. New materials with new frontiers to develop deeper understanding and acceptance of differences as a part of reconciliation. The development of a universal community. Climate Change is a challenge which can only be met by all working as one together. Racial, cultural and religious divides are lethal for the future health of the planet.

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